Monday, 22 April 2019

May 13, 2019 - Group Inventory meeting

On May 13th the Monday night group, "Partager Notre Solution", will conduct a group inventory to review of the strengths and weaknesses of the group. 

Below is the inventory form we will use from the SAA group guide. 

All members are encouraged to attend and provide input to the discussion. 

Before May 13, copies of pg. 31, the areas we'll discuss, will be available at our meetings. Ask Joe or Roddy.

Also before May 13, members may write comments to the web page or 1atatime93 at

SAA Group Inventory Form.
Take time to reflect on your group's strengths and weaknesses in each of the following areas. Briefly mention one or more concrete examples in answer to each question.

1. Staying rooted in the Twelve Steps
- Are the steps being discussed in the group?
- Does the group give adequate time for First Step Presentations?
- Are we emphasizing practicing the steps?

2. Knowledge of, adherence to, and fidelity to the Twelve Traditions.
- Are principles being kept above personalities in our group?
- Are we providing adequate financial support for our group and our fellowship?
- Are we always mindful of anonymity?

3. Newcomers
- Are twelfth-step calls being answered in a timely fashion?
- Is attention being given to the needs of the newcomer?
- Are we taking temporary sponsorship seriously?

4. Primary purpose: Each group has but one primary purpose—to carry its message to the sex addict who still suffers (Tradition Five).
- How is outreach being addressed by our group?
- Are we using attraction rather than promotion?

5. Tools of the program: How are these tools being used by the group?
- Sponsorship
- Literature
- Service
- Phone list
- Medallions
- Other

6. Meetings (write in suggestions for improvement):
- Topic or step presentations
- Membership attendance
- Format

7. Other areas where we are doing well or need improvement:
- Group's sexual sobriety
- Fellowship outside meetings
- Other

Sunday, 21 April 2019

About now - and you. A choice.

Meetings are a safe place for us to be and to learn from others and then learning about ourselves in our recovery.
We may listen, and share our experiences, applying what works for recovering from compulsive sexual behavior.
We refrain from judgment of another's life and experience.
We work the Twelve Steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous. Recovery includes fellowship during meetings and other concrete actions about the program.

Monday 19:00-20:30
Greene Centre, 1090 avenue Greene, Montreal
Top floor.
Part 1 - Reading of SAA Green Book and and sharing experiences.
Part 2 - General sharing of one's experience in recovery.
Wednesday 19:00-20:30
Centre Greene, 1090 avenue Greene, Montreal
Floor 1 - From main entrance go to far end of corridor. From rear entrance, go left and left.
Part 1 - Reading "A Gentle Path"  shares about the reading.
Part 2 - Sharing experiences in recovery.
Friday 1200-1300.
Share the Warmth, 625 Fortune St., Montreal, Qc H3K 2R9
Part 1 - Reading from Answers in the Heart
Part 2 - Sharing experiences in recovery
Women Only.  Meetings suspended until 2020. See women's page at... [work in progress]
You may listen saying nothing, or you may take your turn. If you do so share, please use your experience not another's. Please keep your language "clean."  "What goes on in the meeting stays in the meeting." If you have questions, please ask these before, after, but not duringthe meeting.  Our meetings are safe for sharing our experience.
No one but you can  tell you whether you belong or not, only if you experience it. For some of us, deciding, getting to, and stepping through the door of the first meeting was a big step.
Not sure if you're a sex addict? Listen. At meetings you may hear about others' struggles, and maybe progress. At Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings are people who have an understanding. Come, listen, speak if you are moved. Come to six (6) meetings to see if this works for you.
Literature is available to learn that way. If you come to a meeting and listen, you will hear a way members share from their experience, strength, and hope.
Before, after, but not during meetings, please feel free to ask any questions of members to help you get acquainted with the fellowship of recovering Sex Addicts Anonymous Montreal.