Friday, 26 October 2018

poem, followed by a question


Too loud
Too fat
Too sensitive
Too emotional
Too much energy
Too crazy
Too naive
Too embarrassing
Too visceral
Too out there
Too weird

Too much

I eat too fast
I drink too much
I eat too much
I cry too much
I care too much
I take too much room
I need too much attention
My cloths are too loud
My hair color too bold
I walk too loud
I sleep too loud
I clap too hard
I yell too loud
I drive too fast
I take too many risks
I sing too loud
I feel too much
I am too much out of control

Too much

I am loving too
And very compassionate too
I am loyal too
I am talented too
I am smart too
I am funny too
I am a good listener too
I am a good parent too
I am a good friend and sister too
I am good at my job too

Too too

I am strong too
I am wise too
I am open too
I am curious too
I am tenacious too
I am disciplined too
I am fearless too
I am brave too

Too too


How are you?

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