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SAA Montreal: 514-418-5920

Monday 7-8:30 p.m. 
Greene Centre - Floor 30

1090 Avenue Greene, Westmount, Montreal  H3Z 1Z9

Part 1 - Reading Sex Addicts Anonymous Green Book and sharing thoughts on reading. The day's reading page is often posted on this site.

Part 2 - Check-in, sharing experience, strength, hope, tools, actions of recovery. 


WINTER 2017There are no scheduled women-only meetings. Two or more women may and do meet. A "newcomer" woman may also contact women within the SAA fellowship who have volunteered to be contacted. A newcomer woman may also attend the meetings of the men's (mixed/open) fellowship. These can be considered a safe place to find recovery. You may bring a trusted friend to these meetings if you wish. 

WRITE at the SAA ISO (International Service Organization) or write to SAAMontreal at for more local information, including womens only meetings that may occur occasionally. 

Call 514-418-5920

Wednesday 7-8 p.m. Note: NEW TIME
Greene Centre - Main Floor Conference Room (enter - straight ahead)  

1090 Avenue Greene, Westmount, Montreal  H3Z 1Z9

Part 1 - Stepwork meeting - reading and sharing of Gentle Path...
Part 2 - Sharing experiences in recovery.

Friday - Noon to 1 p.m.
Share the Warmth 
625 Fortune St., Montreal, Qc H3K 2R9 

Enter door on Fortune near lane. Go up stairs. Left. Left. Right. 

Part 1 - Reading (current date) Answers in the Heart.

Part 2 - Check-in. Sharing experiences in recovery.

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