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SAA Montreal: 514-418-5920

Monday 19:00-20:30 

Greene Centre - Floor 3 
1090 Avenue Greene, Westmount, Montreal  H3Z 1Z9

Part 1 - Reading Sex Addicts Anonymous Green Book and sharing thoughts on reading. The day's reading page is often posted on this site.

Part 2 - Check-in, sharing experience, strength, hopem, tools, actions of recovery. 


Abstinence and Women (women only)
No date/time specified - Any 2 or more women can make a meeting
For questions, details, or location Email this adress  
or Call 514-418-5920

Wednesday 18:00-19:30
Part 1 - Stepwork meeting - reading and sharing of Gentle Path...
Part 2 - Sharing experiences in recovery.

Greene Centre - Floor 3  
1090 Avenue Greene, Westmount, Montreal  H3Z 1Z9

Friday - Noon to 1 p.m.

Share the Warmth
625 Fortune St., Montreal, Qc H3K 2R9 
NOTE: Arrive early enough to locate the meeting. Location may change from its "regular" place (Music/Guitar Room).

Part 1 - Reading from (current date) in Answers in the Heart
Part 2 - Sharing experiences in recovery

Enter door on Fortune near lane. Ascend stairs. Go left, Music/Guitar Room.

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