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NUTS acronym

ACRONYM  for   N U T S N ot  U sing  T he  S teps. Big Book
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“Be real (as if) your life depends on it

Picking up a phone

Women are welcome

Women are welcome to attend SAA Montreal meetings. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30 to 8:30 PM an Zoom Meeting information is not published to ensure meetings are safe. It is possible to form a new SAA women-only Zoom meeting. For details please write or call. A Group Member

This is it...

You're already on your computer. Recovery is as close as.... Now, it's up to you...

We Recover By Working The Twelve Steps.

It's not a wonder or just by chance.  We may and we do recovery from dis-ease of blundering our way in life… By working the steps.. One.  Step.  At a time, we may and may all experience recovery, and abstinence from acting out.  This is one person's opinion. You, Reader, are free to write yours