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Listening Today

TODAY I WILL LISTEN Without interrupting Without prejudging Without second guessing TODAY I WILL LISTEN Without gazing Without rehearsing Without discounting TODAY I WILL LISTEN Without-filtering Without correcting Without contradicting  TODAY I WILL LISTEN With attention  With humility  With respect  With patience TODAY I WILL LISTEN With understanding With awe TODAY I WILL LISTEN With gladness  With empathy  With warmth  With gratitude  With reverence

Relatives of Gratitude

Well Are you? Are you well?

Can you learn? I have learned from others in many ways... "Resentment is the leading cause of fatal relapse and" ... the end. When recovering addicts experience gratitude we strengthen our recovery. Have a great (rest of) day

What are MY sexually compulsive behaviors?

This is only some of what the work is of "…It works if you work it." Print this page. Carefully cut printed page into strips. With fresh 8 1/2 x 11 paper draw: - 3 concentric circles or - 3 vertical circles as a traffic light Paste each separate item in its respective position.  Exercise Reading SAA Literature Travel Working SAA'S 12 Steps with a Sponsee Working SAA's 12 Steps with a Sponsor Provocative Music/Movies/ Magazines/ Any Other Media Talking About People In Physical Terms Social Media Keeping Secret, Interactions With People I Am Attracted To Isolating SAA Meetings Sex With Others Outside of a Committed Relationship Sex with Self that is Compulsive Viewing Pornography Strip Clubs Fantasy Cruising Program Calls Flirtation Safe and Loving Sex Being Alone With People I am attracted to Objectification Sober Dating Book Ending SAA Inmate Writing Program Daily Meditation Daily Prayer SAA Service Work

“Before you do something stupid...

... wait twenty-four hours..." 

SAAMontreal simple site - sandbox

A work-in-progress (sandbox) web page for SAA Montreal is the link and to visit that you may click (below)   SAAMontreal sandbox website

Hey! You browsing

May you, you there, sense your potential of listening WORK learning and WORK allowing your WORK gratitude and recovery WORK to eclipse resentment and addiction.

What keeps me from being healthy?

One person's thoughts.  That which I keep in secret guarantees me sick secreting 🔴  Why are you here? When I can face and share in the rooms with others facing the same, Then I may be able to progress in my recovery. May recovery be the green light of your day

Wherever you are…

IF YOU ARE HONEST OPEN WILLING…  No matter how deep your bottom was...  … you… … need not… go further down… … if you witness  … others who have worked the Twelve Steps , … learn to listen, listen more and … then you yourself… … work the Twelve Steps  These arts one person's thoughts and opinion

It is suggested…

Sober formula +1

A metaphor