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Suggestions by Group Members for our next SAA Montreal Business Meeting may be sent by email for consideration

Suggestions may be sent to our group email.
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Women are welcome

Women are welcome to attend SAA Montreal meetings. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30 to 8:30 PM an Zoom Meeting information is not published to ensure meetings are safe. It is possible to form a new SAA women-only Zoom meeting. For details please write or call. A Group Member

This is it...

You're already on your computer. Recovery is as close as.... Now, it's up to you...

We Recover By Working The Twelve Steps.

It's not a wonder or just by chance.  We may and we do recovery from dis-ease of blundering our way in life… By working the steps.. One.  Step.  At a time, we may and may all experience recovery, and abstinence from acting out.  This is one person's opinion. You, Reader, are free to write yours

VOR 1012, 12 October, 2020

There was an  audio link to hear the reading of [this day]  from Voices of Recovery, but it's lapsed on purpose. Come to a meeting to hear these readings LIVE. 

Addiction Not Found 404

… one step forward… another step… forward. One day again. How may this happen. I would have never node.!