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We maintain our recovery by working a daily program, in the knowledge that although we can never be perfect, we can be happy today! We ask for help when we need it, and we express our love and gratitude every day. 
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Step 11 : We learn to accept that reality is not tailored to the limitations of self, and that hardship and loss are as valid a part of life as joy and pleasure. 

Choice or Choiceless

Find a meeting now tel:5144185920 WERE I to believe true somethings in  euphoria  THEN I would be facing a threat to my life. AND WERE I to continue experiencing euphoria -- THEN I am at risk. No further “thinking” can save my life. Only some action can stop my train of thought. Now. Call someone. Life ~ recovery. One person’s words.


A A C R O N Y M S ... T H I N K T he  H appiness  I   N ever  K new Is it just by thinking or by doing... How would you know? How could you know?