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All Meetings: Monday Wednesday Friday.

TO: All who have a problem with compulsive sexual behaviour, past and present old-timers and newcomers...

Do you want a safe recovery meeting? If yes, you're at the right place.

SAA Montreal meets in a virtual safe space Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

By writing "Yes please" from your email, you will get a reply from a Group Member. The meeting details are not publicized.

Some have said the video web conference service* we use is better than other phone meetings.

You may join the meeting and control your mic and camera, listen only or listen and share.

1) an Internet-connected device with its microphone, speakers and camera.

2) regular telephone for audio only.

You are welcome to join as early as 7:20. If you arrive after 7:35, you may have a very short (5-10 seconds) wait in a "Waiting Room" before entering.

Just like our in-person meetings, we have a Trusted Servant to lead the meeting. Our meeting "Host" helps the meeting flow.

Most find easy the setup to join. Depending on your own preferences, you may need:
a) only the phone number,
b) your smartphone and an app, or
c) your tablet, laptop or desktop.

Just write or call with why you want to join. All answers are valid - no right or wrong answers.

Upon receiving your email with the words "Yes, please" you will receive details.

*free, safe, and rhymes with "room".

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