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We meet as part of our recovery...

We meet via Zoom nowadays, and when you get "there" - to the Zoom Room, you may read:

Welcome to this meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7-8:30 p.m. to all who may (or do) have problems with sexually compulsive behavior. We: sit, meet, check-in, read, listen, share our experience and may find the work of the Twelve Steps of our own recoveries. Literature used: Monday, Sex Addicts Anonymous; Wednesday, A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps; Friday: (no book, rather topic meeting) Come. Sit. Listen, Experience. Participation is optional.

The Zoom Room in which the meeting is held may be open as early as 6:30 and may close as late as 9 p.m.

WHO suggestion how NOT to wear mask

Safe recovery SAAMontreal meetings online

Check out the schedule to see why YOU too can find three (3) meetings every week in our SAA Montreal July Calendar.
Safe meetings online.
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