About Meetings

About Meetings

Meetings are where you may hear, see, say, experience a fellowship of recovering sex addicts.  "Bring your own" experience, whatever that is. You are welcome.

Women meetings suspended until summer 2020. Write: WomenSAAMtl@Gmail.com

Mixed Open Meeting 7-8:30 p.m.
Monday (Third Floor) and 
Wednesday (Main Floor) 

Greene Centre
1090 avenue Greene
Montreal (Westmount) 

Get to the next meeting. What you may need is not on a screen.

Perhaps these problems were secrets until someone found out about them.  

Meetings offer us an opportunity to be honest, open and willing to talk about our lives.

Some members shared a little bit about their story, what brought them into the program.  

We could identify with their feelings of shame, loneliness, and behaviours.

Many have found in this fellowship a way to learn and practice what becomes more than a solution to our sexually addictive behaviour.  

You may not understand how this could be possible.  We ask you to keep an open mind and to come to a meeting.