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Today’s Letter to Addict

Dear Addict, Although you may not get the feeling that I have about you and your friends around you, I am concerned that your absence from normal joyful life fellowship meetings is probably not something I understand. I offer hope that comes from my own experience, that you may have faith that the fellowship is an effective path. B.Y.O. experience and join us.

One member’s thoughts

Some may feel despair as if addictive compulsive behavior has eclipsed one's life. I cannot speak for any other than myself. My experience has show me that sex addiction and recovery is less about a problem: whatever object, rather more via a solution: true connection, intimacy. ... and it takes time. ... and the effort is paid off more than I could ever imagine, ... and in a newfound calm in silence , Gratitude eclipses resentment. a Group Member Sex Addicts Anonymous Montreal