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Site closure news

20 December, 2021 Montreal, Quebec We shall return to regular meetings on Zoom because of the news from the director of the location of our a meeting space: "... as of 5pm we are required to close our doors until further notice. I will update all renters as more information becomes available to us. Thank you." Call us or write Five 14 Four 18 Five 920

Meetings NEWS

Our regular meeting location will be closed on the following dates: ...  from December 23, 2021 to January 3, 2022  inclusive .  Zoom meetings are unaffected.  Thank you --  have a great meeting. 

Savour a moment - now? Today.

Since you are already on the Internet... Welcome to our gateway... to recovery. We sometimes practice sharing that for which we are grateful. The following online link ... is yours to discover any day, today- now. Please be safe online with the Internet. Https://