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Check in with: 1) How are you feeling? 2) What are your Four What's

How am I feeling?  Feeling:  sore,  muscles aching,  calm,  capable,  loved,  safe,  well-fed.  Desiring... sobriety... today. 1. What step am I on? Working Steps 10, 11, 12 only after acknowledging (my) Steps 1 through 9. 2. What stepwork action (verbs) am I doing about it? I am meeting today with other recovering addicts to do this work. 3. For what am I grateful? Grateful for my fellows, family as well as friends – furry and human. 4. What do I want to not share? I have been returning to the dream of being completely utterly fully recovered. While I identify as recovered, I know the path to recognize my sobriety is one day at a time.

Ping <> pong

If ping is to get someone's attention, and Pong is to return it… Ping! How is YOUR day on Planet Earth? (This recovering sex addict writes). How's my day? While simply walking, checking in with a fellow, I fell on a slippery road, but shook it off, and feel sore and OK. Sore AND OK? Yes, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯