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Since you are here…

…have you ever had an experience like one of these? The 10 Stages of Relapse Denial Avoidance and Defensive Behavior Crisis Building Immobilization Confusion and Overreaction Depression Behavioral Loss of Control Recognition of Loss of Control Option Reduction The Relapse Episode

Colorful slogans

Do any fit "as is"for your circumstances? Act as if Easy does it First things first How important is it? Works when you work it Just for today Keep coming back Keep it simple Let go and let God Let it begin with me Live and let live One day at a time Progress not perfection This too shall pass Together we can make it Cultivate an attitude of gratitude Change is a process not an event You can have work without recovery, but you can't have recovery without work If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got Learn to listen and listen to learn Stick with the winners Time takes time Recovery is a journey not a destination It is a simple program for complicated people Don't quit before the miracle happens Willingness is the key When all else fails follow directions I want what you've got Your worth should never depend on another person's opinion Sick and tired of being sick and tired Principle

You have ears

If ... you might be a sex addict and you can hear,  try 2 minutes 15 seconds of person reading a daily reader for. then...  may your go onward and be well.

SAAM NEW Zoom info

Our fellowship meets 7-8:30 p.m. via Zoom Mondays and Wednesdays. Once you contact us of your interest to join in sex addiction recovery, you will be given the Zoom Meeting ID or browser link. We do not publish it. That Zoom Meeting ID / browser link will be the same from Nov 9, 2022 to AT LEAST May 1, 2023 You may join any Zoom meeting by simply making a regular telephone call.  Local numbers


IF you are ready willing and WANTING a face-to-face meeting,  (then) we have that Sex Addicts Anonymous Montreal has three (3) weekly meetings in total, Monday in-person Monday via Zoom Wednesday via Zoom. All are from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. We get better by learning and practicing the steps. together, and one another. tel:5144185920