For Newcomers

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S.A.A. is meant to be a safe place to share, learn and recover from sex addiction.  

"Bring your own" experience, whatever that is.

Any old-timer was a newcomer who also didn’t know what to expect.

We suggest you try six (6) meetings to experience if meetings help you.  

Members may share their story* while others listen witnessing another's journey/progress.

We could identify with their feelings of shame, loneliness, and behaviours.

You might try to hear members' share of their experience, strength, and hope.  

Reading literature such as brochures and the main "Green Book" can be most helpful as can speaking with other members before and after -- but not during -- meetings.

Must I share?  You are not required to share. You may say nothing, or wait until you feel like sharing.

Is S.A.A. a religious organization? No, Sex Addicts Anonymous is not affiliated with any religious denomination.  Anyone who seeks to stop their own addictive sexual behavior is welcomed with or without a spiritual and/or religious affiliation.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask any member before, or after, but not during a meeting.

* specially scheduled meeting.