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Check in with: 1) How are you feeling? 2) What are your Four What's

How am I feeling? 

muscles aching, 
Desiring... sobriety... today.

1. What step am I on?
Working Steps 10, 11, 12 only after acknowledging (my) Steps 1 through 9.

2. What stepwork action (verbs) am I doing about it?
I am meeting today with other recovering addicts to do this work.

3. For what am I grateful?
Grateful for my fellows, family as well as friends – furry and human.

4. What do I want to not share?
I have been returning to the dream of being completely utterly fully recovered. While I identify as recovered, I know the path to recognize my sobriety is one day at a time.

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Meetings: what we do/how we recover

SAA Meetings:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  7-8:30 pm via Zoom or in-person.  Verbal sharing is optional. Get (your attention) there.  To join meeting,  write  or call tel:5144185920  to speak with a Group Member.  Meetings are a safe place for all.  Our meeting format:  Serenity Prayer,  short check-in,  Part 1:  reading literature,  sharing related to reading;  Part 2:  sharing of one's recent experience;  Seventh Tradition (via Interac);  Gratitude,  Serenity Prayer.

Need a meeting? Got a Meeting? Yes! Yes.

We have meetings three (3) times a week until further notice. Zoom connection information is not published to keep meetings safe for everyone. If you wish to join the meeting, call tel:5144185920 or write  A Group Member

A Tradition

A tradition of our group  states we are to make recovery available to any sex addict seeking help.