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Ping <> pong

If ping is to get someone's attention, and Pong is to return it…

Ping! How is YOUR day on Planet Earth? (This recovering sex addict writes).

How's my day? While simply walking, checking in with a fellow, I fell on a slippery road, but shook it off, and feel sore and OK.

Sore AND OK?

Yes, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Meetings: what we do/how we recover

SAA Meetings:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  7-8:30 pm via Zoom or in-person.  Verbal sharing is optional. Get (your attention) there.  To join meeting,  write  or call tel:5144185920  to speak with a Group Member.  Meetings are a safe place for all.  Our meeting format:  Serenity Prayer,  short check-in,  Part 1:  reading literature,  sharing related to reading;  Part 2:  sharing of one's recent experience;  Seventh Tradition (via Interac);  Gratitude,  Serenity Prayer.

Need a meeting? Got a Meeting? Yes! Yes.

We have meetings three (3) times a week until further notice. Zoom connection information is not published to keep meetings safe for everyone. If you wish to join the meeting, call tel:5144185920 or write  A Group Member

A Tradition

A tradition of our group  states we are to make recovery available to any sex addict seeking help.